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Defects in materials and workmanship are covered under Warranty, including repairs and services within 24 months of purchase.

  • Kaiserplus will cover the manufacturer’s flaws under its Warranty for products used and purchased in Singapore.
  • Products distributed by Kaiserplus or dealers authorized to sell Kaiserplus Digital locks in Singapore are covered by a warranty.
  • With their approval, only Kaiserplus technicians or dealers may offer warranty and repair services.
  • Before filing a warranty claim, all customers must register their Kaiserplus lock warranty with us on our website within one week of the date the locks were installed.

Services may be charged on an individual basis even when under Warranty.

The following situations—including but not limited to—ARE EXCLUDED FROM THE WARRANTY:

  • Any damage that is not the result of manufacturing flaws.
  • Any damage inflicted by poor installation, transportation, or maintenance.
  • Any indications of abuse or misuse of the product, such as excessive cleaning, scratching, overloading, etc.
  • Any loss of emergency backup keys for digital locks or other misplacements of product components.
  • Products and parts have not been assembled following the manufacturer’s security maintenance and operation guidelines, as recommended by Kaiserplus technicians, or as authorized by Kaiserplus dealers.
  • Any individual who is not a Kaiserplus technician or an employee of a dealer that Kaiserplus have approved has repaired, altered, or disassembled the equipment.
  • Abnormal voltage changes, an unstable energy supply, and battery leakage are all defects.
  • Defects caused by fire and explosions, lightning strikes, turbulence power, negligence, accidents, and other natural disasters, or incorrect installation and use are inconsistent with the recommendations.
  • Defects are caused by insects like cockroaches, mice, or lizards.
  • Defects are caused by chemical reactions, dregs (lime) in products, detergents, excessive heat, dust, and environments with corrosive elements like cement plants, farms, etc.
  • Components, including accessories, need to be replaced during regular use because of wear and tear caused by the product’s natural characteristics.
  • If the equipment is not used correctly, as recommended by Kaiserplus, the Warranty will be worthless.
  • Kaiserplus is liable for fixing or replacing any defective products under this Warranty. Any loss or damage brought on directly or indirectly by the product is not covered by the Warranty. Customers must bring all Kaiserplus accessories, including remote controls, modules, RFID tags, and RFID stickers, to the Kaiserplus office for troubleshooting and replacement.
  • When the product is installed by technicians or employees of Kaiserplus or a Kaiserplus authorized dealer in an inaccessible or dangerous position, Kaiserplus reserves the right to charge additional fees or refuse to participate in the Warranty.
  • Kaiserplus’s choice is based on the findings of the analysis of all factors connected to the complaint of product damage, damage, or defect.
  • Warranty terms may not be altered or extended in any way by Kaiserplus authorized dealers or employees.
  • The buyer or seller will make no claim under this Warranty for consequential damages, personal injuries, or property damage.



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